Finding Antigone

On the Sunday rehearsal before our first performance on Wednesday, I was feeling increasingly helpless and frustrated about my acting, not sure what to do or where to go. My director was telling me not to relish the emotion too much. In my Antigone Antagone blog, I described how I’d hit a brick wall with … More Finding Antigone

Antigone & Emmeline Pankhurst: ‘The Laws that Men have Made.’

Before joining the cast of Antigone, I was playing Emmeline Pankhurst in Flourish’s Votes for Women Performance & Drama Workshops.  I became immersed in the lives and actions of  women suffrage campaigners but as the play I was creating took shape, most of my research focused on the famous suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. As my obsession … More Antigone & Emmeline Pankhurst: ‘The Laws that Men have Made.’


This morning, we were rehearsing Antigone’s ‘swan song’ scene where I have two speeches as I prepare to face my punishment for disobedience to Creon’s edict. It’s the first time we’ve done this scene so it’s the first time I get to try out my interpretation of Antigone’s ‘big scene’ (as our director calls it) … More ANTIGONE-ANTAGONY

Actor’s Technique 2: Archetypes, Shakespeare & Antigone

Last summer, I spent a truly wonderful week on the Acting Shakespeare Summer School at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a group of lovely like-minded thespians: all ready and eager with our monologues for a dramatic journey of a life-time.    My monologue was taken from King John, one of Shakespeare’s lesser known history plays … More Actor’s Technique 2: Archetypes, Shakespeare & Antigone

Acting Technique: Voice

When I was at University of London doing my  English & Drama degree at Goldsmith’s College, many aeons ago, we did a fair amount of practical drama workshops to help us explore various aspects of acting.  There was a  lot of experimentation and improvisation until it became easy and second nature.  We also found out … More Acting Technique: Voice